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We are all aware of the usual culprits…

  • Fear of losing trades

  • Not following your rules

  • Not knowing your boundaries (most people have no idea!)

  • Hesitating and missing trade opportunities as a result

  • Banking profits too soon

  • Overtrading

The Trader Mindset - BWRT helping with Stress & fear
  • Under trading

  • Revenge Trading

  • Entering trades too early for fear of missing out

  • Irrational trading – ‘Why on earth did I do that?’​

  • Desperation

  • Self sabotage

  • Feeling that you don’t deserve success

  • Reason and logic go out of the window after a series of losing trades

Understanding Why

The early part of our brain, called the Reptilian Complex or Reptile Brain, is responsible for our survival and works on instinct. It tries to repeat our life experiences (good or bad) as closely as possible because it knows they have led to our survival so far.  

If your Reptile Brain activates your flight/fight mode because of a previous experience, for example, a fear of missing out, your thinking-brain shuts down and logic, reason and emotion become impossible to process.

This in turn might cause you to ignore your trading rules and enter or exit a trade too early, which in turn can result in a losing trade, which can then create fear, anger, frustration which feeds the next trade and so on….

In your free e-Book you can watch how this trader made £135,000 in 12 months - a great example of what is possible with the right mindset!



Rewiring your brain

Fear, stress and anxiety responses in situations where they are simply not necessary will impede trading decisions and the ability to make money.

Learn how to change destructive reactions to positive outcomes.

“The mind that opens to a new idea never returns to it’s original size”​  – Albert Einstein.

There is one common success factor that all traders need to develop – The Trader Mindset…

Sure, anyone can have a good run, but ultimately it fails because the trader has spent too much time chasing the Holy Grail and not developing themselves.

Yes back testing helps and yes, having a rules based strategy helps but there are countless traders that will still under-perform from where they should be despite doing these things.

Unless you develop the Trader Mindset, you will still make these subtle mistakes and yet we all know that it’s the mindset that’s the missing piece of the jigsaw for the majority of people.


In your Free e-Book you will learn

✔ How and why your brain tricks and deceives you.

✔ What T.R.A.D.I.N.G. stands for.

✔ How to increase trader profitability by using specific methods for improving trade decisions.

✔ Why you can still fail even with a 90% win rate.

✔ Real examples of common trader mindset problems and how to recover and never go back there.

✔ The secret to laser like focus.

✔ Specific methods, advice and actions that can be taken to improve performance.

✔ How to create resilience when the market goes against you.

✔ How to stop negative emotions – fear, anger, desperation and more.

✔ How to stop subconscious destructive patterns.

So who is this for?

✔ Novices and experienced traders alike.

✔ People who understand that technical skills are only part of the equation of trading success.

✔ Traders who want to really understand why their brain affects their ability to trade.

✔ People that want to be able to have a specific plan of dealing with their mindset.

✔ Traders who are sick of making the same repeated mistakes over and over again.

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