G.A.D - Generalised Anxiety Disorder

Generalized Anxiety Disorder (GAD) is a common mental health condition characterized by persistent and excessive worry or anxiety about a wide range of everyday events and activities. Individuals with GAD often find it challenging to control their anxious thoughts, and the worry is disproportionate to the actual circumstances. 

Did you know?

This chronic and pervasive anxiety can significantly impact various aspects of a person’s life, including their work, relationships, and overall well-being. Physical symptoms such as restlessness, muscle tension, fatigue, and difficulty concentrating may accompany the psychological distress associated with GAD.

BWRT is a completely natural therapy and uses a specific process to deal directly with GAD effectively. The anxiety thought patterns in the brain are ‘re-wired’ to change the anxiety response to a new pattern thus alleviating or greatly reducing the anxiety. 

Client Testimonials

“I contacted Keith as I’d been suffering with anxiety for over 10 years. Having had many different treatments such as counselling and hypnosis, none of which seemed to work, I was a little sceptical as to how BWRT would work.   

After my first session things had changed dramatically and my friends and family noticed how much calmer and relaxed I was. My anxiety about certain situations wasn’t there anymore. It’s almost as if my anxiety has been switched off! I’m so glad I came across this treatment and Keith is a pleasure to work with, welcoming, calming and very pleasant.Cannot recommend this treatment enough!”

“I first approached Keith when I was starting to feel quite anxious about a number of work related issues and it had started seeping into every day life to the point where I couldn’t sleep or switch off at night, every moment was taken up thinking about work and worrying about what might come up the following day – it soon became exhausting and emotionally draining and that’s when I knew I needed someone else to take charge and help me! 
Keith made me feel so comfortable from the very first session we had until the last session and just allowed me to open up and truly explain how I was feeling without feeling silly about myself. Soon enough after a few sessions (and some of Keith’s wizardry thrown in the mix) I was starting to feel so much stronger mentally, happier with life again and like someone had turned a spark back on and I achieved my goal… to have a “f**k off mentally” haha. 
I still can’t quite put my finger on how it worked, but I don’t need to question it – all I know is that I feel back to my normal self if not even stronger than before so thank you Keith for working your magic!
Many thanks,”

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