Obsessive Compulsive Disorder - OCD

OCD is an anxiety based psychological disorder and has two different forms – obsessions and compulsions.

Obsessions – these are repeated, intrusive, unwanted thoughts, worries, urges, images which can create feelings of discomfort at one end of the scale to intense anxiety at the other end. 

Also known as Pure ‘O’.

Compulsions – these are repetitive actions or rituals which are carried out in order to reduce the anxiety. Common activities can include frequent hand washing, checking doors are locked, light switches turned off, repetition of a specific phrase, checking how you are feeling.

The compulsion can be very time consuming and can have a very debilitating effect on life, relationships, work and health.

obsessive compulsive disorder-washing-hands
obsessive compulsive disorder OCD

Are you alone?

No, approximately 750 thousand people in the UK suffer with OCD at any one time.

How can BWRT® help OCD?

A thought/trigger travels 50 metres in the brain before it reaches conscious awareness and by the time we are aware of it, the process for compulsive action has already happened.

BWRT® works in the early part of the brain to change response patterns before they reach consciousness. The OCD trigger is caught and stopped in it’s tracks preventing it from firing up again in the future.

Using two levels of BWRT® to target both the triggers and behavioural elements of OCD, provides long lasting results without the need for any ongoing coping strategies. 


  • Easy to understand – logical process

  • Totally natural therapy

  • Fast – cost effective

  • Permanent

  • No ongoing coping strategies necessary

  • No hypnosis involved

  • Completely confidential – No need to share your secrets with the therapist

  • Therapy is available in person and online by Skype/FaceTime

  • Free initial consultation

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Client Testimonials

“After struggling for years I was given Keith’s number, the day I called him was the best thing I had done.

Working with Keith I now have a much more happy contented life, the therapy has helped me get out more and enjoy life with my family again.   If you think you may need help I would recommend Keith, he is very easy to talk to and in a very comfortable surrounding.”

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