Psychology of Trading

  • Are you comfortable with losing trades?

  • Do you always follow your rules?

  • Do you know what your boundaries are? (most people have no idea!)

  • Do you waste time overchecking trades?

  • Do you take losses personally?

  • Do you get stressed placing a trade or being in a trade?

  • Do you revenge trade?

Top Financial Trader, Charlie Burton, interviews Keith from BWRT UK on the importance of mindset and BWRT®.

  • Do you pull trades too early for fear of losing?

  • Do you get into trades to early for fear of missing out? 

  • Do losing trades affect your ability to trade rationally?

  • Do losing trades create desperation?

  • Do you self sabotage?

  • Do you feel that you don't really deserve to win?

  • Does reason and logic go out of the window after a losing trade?

Client Testimonial

“At the beginning I had many questions about the style of therapy and whether it could improve my trading, but remained curious with an open mind. I am so pleased I maintained an open mind. Your therapy has done wonders for me personally and my trading of the financial markets. It is still difficult to believe the techniques used are so effective. The road blocks I had with my trading and other personal issues with my life have disappeared … 100%. By really knowing myself I now feel I can go about my work without restraint and with a new confidence. Thanks so much Keith.”

Understanding why?

The early part of our brain, called the Reptilian Complex or Reptile Brain, is responsible for our survival and works on instinct. It tries to repeat our life experiences (good or bad) as closely as possible because it knows they have led to our survival so far.  

If your Reptile Brain activates your flight/fight mode because of a previous experience, for example, a fear of missing out, your thinking-brain shuts down and logic, reason and emotion become impossible to process.


This in turn might cause you to ignore your trading rules and enter or exit a trade too early, which in turn can result in a losing trade, which can then create fear, anger, frustration which feeds the next trade and so on....

Watch how this trader made £135,000 in 12 months after BWRT® - Part 1

Watch how this trader made £135,000 in 12 months after BWRT® - Part 2

Re-Wiring Your Brain


Fear, stress and anxiety responses in situations where they are simply not necessary will impede trading decisions and the ability to make money.

BWRT® is a unique natural way of changing these response patterns to a desirable and preferred way of feeling without the need to think about it.

Client Testimonial

"Keith is highly professional and competent and I am more than happy to warmly recommend him to anyone seeking a breakthrough in their performance.  He has helped me significantly improved my focus, drive and energy levels and enabled me to move towards my goals in business after a prolonged pause!."

BWRT® is not like anything that has been done before and is not a re-hash of any existing therapy models. BWRT® doesn't use hypnosis or anything that might be considered to be mystical or unscientific - it is a science based, totally grounded methodology that deals with uncomfortable emotional or psychological triggers before you are even aware of them.


Most other therapies work on the response after it has been generated, requiring you to tell the practitioner what you're thinking about - but with BWRT® the problem is dealt with 'at source', before it even gets to the conscious mind.

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