Shy Bladder

What is Shy Bladder?

Shy bladder is also know as ‘pee-phobia’,  ‘shy bladder syndrome’, ‘paruresis’, ‘avoidant paruresis’ and ‘psychogenic urinary retention’.

This can be an extremely debilitating condition for sufferers and can affect all areas of life, both socially and at work. It can prevent people from flying, going on holiday, meals out, cinema, anywhere that the individual may have to pee in a toilet where someone is close by.


The fear is such that it inhibits the ability to pee normally. In extreme cases, individuals with shy bladder can only urinate when home alone. 

How can therapy help with shy bladder?

We are born with only two fears, the fear of falling and the fear of loud noises, which means that all other fear is ‘learned’ behaviour.

BWRT® uses a completely natural way to re-wire thought patterns in the brain and just as the shy bladder pattern was ‘learned‘ in the first place, the same method by which it was ‘learned’ can be used to change it to a new pattern and a different response, thus alleviating or greatly reducing the anxiety, allowing the individual to greatly improve the quality of their life.

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