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“I first approached Keith when I was starting to feel quite anxious about a number of work related issues and it had started seeping into every day life to the point where I couldn’t sleep or switch off at night, every moment was taken up thinking about work and worrying about what might come up the following day – it soon became exhausting and emotionally draining and that’s when I knew I needed someone else to take charge and help me! 
Keith made me feel so comfortable from the very first session we had until the last session and just allowed me to open up and truly explain how I was feeling without feeling silly about myself. Soon enough after a few sessions (and some of Keith’s wizardry thrown in the mix) I was starting to feel so much stronger mentally, happier with life again and like someone had turned a spark back on and I achieved my goal… to have a “f**k off mentally” haha. 
I still can’t quite put my finger on how it worked, but I don’t need to question it – all I know is that I feel back to my normal self if not even stronger than before so thank you Keith for working your magic!
Many thanks,”

“Hi Keith, I just wanted to thank you again for the therapy sessions we had for my work place anxiety. I’m feeling so much better, more confident and don’t dread going into work anymore. I was so impressed with how quickly the therapy worked and found it very easy to open up about my problems with you. You also explained everything so clearly and professionally. Thank you again for saving my career!”

“I’ve had different types of talking therapy on and off for twenty years in an attempt to address my debilitating lack of self-esteem.  As much as I wanted to believe Keith’s depiction of BWRT as a ’silver bullet’, I didn’t believe it could be as fast and effective as that description seemed to promise. Very simply, I was completely wrong.  24 hours after the second session I had a revelation that I was actually ME for the first time in over 40 years. I’m still incredulous that BWRT could be so effective, but my warrior is back. I am so grateful that I’m finally able to live to my potential. Thank you Keith.”

“In life, the proof of the pudding is always in the eating and perhaps more so with any form of therapy, because the quality of life stakes are so much higher.

Having had a fair few issues centered around anxiety for nearly a decade, I approached my initial sessions with Keith with a healthy amount of hope and scepticism.  This continued through our 4 sessions together and even as the final session finished, I didn’t feel any noticeable change and just though…ah well, at least I tried (again !)

Fast forward a few weeks and here we are in one of the biggest crisises for 50 yrs and I suddenly realised how great I felt – finally I’m back to the old me – no anxiety or doubt or ill humour, just contented self assurance and looking for opportunities rather than doubts and negatives.I wondered for a few mins what had changed recently and I suddenly realised there was only one changed and that was Keith Tunstall. 

The different is night and day and the pudding tastes very very sweet !”

“Hi Keith,

I would just like to say that when I came to you I was very sceptical that you would be able to do anything about the anxiety and fear I had with being a passenger in a car. You made me feel very comfortable and at ease during the sessions, and even after the session I thought I cant see this is going to work. So of course I put it to the test, and I could not beleive that it did not bother me at all and I did not feel anxious at all, I have even been on the motorway as a passenger which is something I have always avoided. This has made a big difference to my life and my Husband is amazed by the results. I will certainly recommend you,  and have already told many people how amazing this method of treatment you use. Thank you once again.”

“Hi Keith,

It’s been a number of months since I had my appointments and to say my life has totally changed for the better is an understatement. I put this down to the sessions I attended every week and the work that you did with me.

I was concerned that after a few months I may slip into old bad habits again as I’ve done after other types of counselling/therapy over the years.

The sessions we did however were nothing like those and 100% more effective as I’ve not gone backwards, if anything I’ve gotten stronger and better in the months since we last worked together.

I can’t recommend your work highly enough.


“Hi Keith,

I would just like to thank you for your help and understanding during my recent visits to you. Although you are certainly professional, I found you so approachable and even on my initial visit knew I would benefit from seeing you, and I certainly have. I feel calmer, more in control and overall more at peace.

Thank you so much.

I hope not to see you again!! but your number is certainly locked in my phone.”

“Dear Keith 

I wanted to write to express how appreciative I am for the service that you provided which has assisted me in dealing with my anxiety.

The personal attention and detail given to me during the sessions I had with you really helped me to come to terms and overcome my anxiety and fears which has allowed me to return to my normal way of life. I can’t begin to tell you what a difference this has made to me and my family and I am extremely grateful for your personal support and would not hesitate to recommend you (as I have done already) to anybody else in a similar situation.

Thank you again for your professionalism and kindness.”

My quality has truly improved tenfold and the BWRT has given me the opportunity to be able to enjoy my life to the fullest going forward.”

“Keith has helped me immeasurably. My life for the last 5 years have been quite intolerable at most times due to hideous anxiety. At one point, I wouldn’t even answer the phone if it rang. I frequently stayed in as going out was too much to cope with. I suffered from awful lack of sleep, lack of control over anything really, and was constantly anxious and depressed.

Keith has changed that for me when nobody else could. I had many types of therapy before, CBT and one to one with a psychotherapist. The psychotherapist did work to an extent, but I felt there was still a long way to go. I’m not perfect now, who is, but I do know that I have the skills to sort myself out, which were non-existent before seeing Keith.

I am a much stronger, happier person.

Thank you Keith”

“I would highly recommend Keith and bwrt to anyone that is suffering with mental health issues. I came to Keith with crippling anxiety I was scared to leave the house I was scared to travel anywhere and I was scared to be alone I always had to be with my wife Claire because she was a comfort to me. from the moment I met Keith he made me feel very comfortable he was very welcoming and gave me the feeling that I was in very good hands. I was very sceptical about bwrt and I kept questioning Keith’s ability to be able to fix me, however Keith would always say with Confidence that he will be able to fix me and he was right.

I last saw Keith back in January 2019 and even though I am a bit late putting up this review it is because he has done that good of a job that I forgot to put this review on for him because I was able to live my life again. also to anyone who is thinking about starting bwrt and you are worried about the money don’t be because your health is worth a lot more than any money you could have. it would be fair to say that Keith probably saved my life because I got to a point thinking this is my last option and if Keith wasn’t able to fix me then I don’t know what else could have fixed me.

Thank you Keith for everything you did for me I really appreciate it thank you.

anyone who is thinking about starting with Keith doing bwrt just do it if your mental health issues are that bad as mine were Keith is the person who will be able to help you guaranteed.”

“Review after BWRT

I have suffered from anxiety for over 20 years after a bad car accident. I had tried all the different therapies offered by the NHS CBT/my surgery but after a few consultations was signed off to try and cope on my own. I started to look for other ways to help with this awful debilitating condition so I could get back to normality. Upon chance I stumbled across a Facebook post about BWRT. Mmmm interesting but does it work how will it help all the negative thoughts. I looked on the net and read up about the therapy and Keith. What I read and watched intrigued me so I contacted Keith who from my initial phone call was fantastic easy to connect with and totally dedicated to the therapy he has learnt.

I booked my free consultation to see if we could work together to rid me of my anxiety that had plagued me for so many years. Keith advised me to have a think that evening and to call him the next day to confirm wether I wished to proceed with BWRT. It didn’t take long I booked there and then and with excitement and intrigue looked forward to my first full session.

Over the next few weeks Keith taught me how to rid me of the anxious thoughts and excessive worrying I had endured for many years with the skills Keith possesses he was slowly but surely changed the way my brain was reacting to the anxiety it was like a weight was lifting daily.

My last session has now finished and all I can say thank god I met this professional kind and extremely intelligent individual he has changed my life for good and I am now doing things that were out of my reach for the last 20yrs.

When you take on the therapy you must be able to believe and work with Keith to retrain your sub conscious mind. Keith uses some unique exercises and take it from me it works. 

If someone asked do I know how to help with anxiety/phobias/panic attacks etc I would tell them to call Keith. I really wish that this therapy had been around when I was younger as I have missed out on many things but now I can and will achieve things with my new way of thinking.”

“Hi Keith

Just wanted to send you an update, thank you again for your help I can truly say I am a changed person thanks to you and BWRT. I would never have believed there was something out there so simple with such a great impact. Since my treatment I have recommended you to a number of people. I am starting a whole new chapter of my life now and am very excited about the future and all it brings, which is such a contrast from the scared person you first met with such low self esteem.
I wish you all the best and thank you again, please feel free to use this on your website.”

“Keith is highly professional and competent and I am more than happy to warmly recommend him to anyone seeking a breakthrough in their performance.  He has helped me significantly improved my focus, drive and energy levels and enabled me to move towards my goals in business after a prolonged pause!.”

“Hi Keith,
just to let you know it’s been 2 months now since we had our consultations as you know I only had two and felt so well afterwards I am still feeling really well so I’m so pleased I came to see you thank you so much”


“Hi Keith,

Just wanted to say thank you for helping me with my issues.

I have had a new lease of life since seeing you, and I’m going from strength to strength.

Once again, thank you”

“Dear Keith, I am just writing to let you know that I am still very well after I came to your home only twice, the first to discuss my problem with anxiety and panic attacks, the second visit you carried out BWRT which worked immediately for me and I am back to my old self again so thank you very much indeed.”

“Suffering with anxiety & panic attacks for over 2 years, most aspects of my life have been affected in some way.
Following an extended absence from work and generally feeling unable to cope with day to day living, I was sent Keith’s details by a friend.Following an initial consultation to ascertain if BWRT would be beneficial to me, Keith explained the process clearly. He took the time to understand my issues and made me feel comfortable talking to him, helping me to prioritise key areas to tackle with the therapy.

I then attended 3 sessions of BWRT with him – amazingly I felt positive results following the first session. Keith simplified each part of the therapy and I felt at ease asking questions.

It has now been 5 weeks since my first session – 5 weeks free of panic attacks and anxiety and above all feeling happy and content. My family have noticed my improved outlook and I returned to work this week after 9 weeks absence, I can honestly say it’s been one of the best weeks of my career!


Thank you so much Keith”

“I wanted to let you know how J has been this week with her 1st big test/exam since seeing you

The night before she called me.  Normally this is a panicky call with her crying.  She was calm.  And said that she felt different but wondered how the next day would be.

The morning of the exam.. I got a message ‘ still feeling calm wtf???’ (Excuse the language!)
After the test she said ‘anxiety levels all good’  and ‘I felt really relaxed and not panicky like I usually am at all’

This is fantastic !!
Thank you”

“After struggling for years I was given Keith’s number, the day I called him was the best thing I had done.

Working with Keith I now have a much more happy contented life, the therapy has helped me get out more and enjoy life with my family again.

If you think you may need help I would recommend Keith, he is very easy to talk to and in a very comfortable surrounding.”

“After many years of working in stressful business environments with constant ongoing problem solving, I took pride in my ability to deal with the stress and problem solve the issues. 

However, one particular week I just couldn’t function and couldn’t see a clear way to think through to a solution to particular work issues.  The issues at my office just kept building up and I ended up not being able to sleep for a full 24 hours which stressed me out even more and I ended up in circles – too tired to think and can’t think of a way out. 

After discussions with Keith Tunstall I decided to so a therapy session and although I am both open minded and slightly sceptical of some therapies this one worked for me.  I had no preconception about the outcome, I just thought ‘it will either work or not’. 

In my case it did and I couldn’t believe how quickly it worked for me.  The work pressures are still there but I approach them with a positive attitude and not apprehension.”

“A breakdown and subsequent anxiety was making it hard to cope with many things in life, from being in public to driving on the motorway.  It was affecting my job and relationship and as a consequence depression. I’d tried various therapies with limited success and came to Keith as a last ditch attempt to improve my life.

During a number of sessions we were able to work on the physical aspects of anxiety and very quickly I saw positive results. Without thinking I was driving with more confidence and going out into crowds with only limited anxiety which too started to fade after a while. Where I would look at certain aspects of my life with trepidation I am now able to do so and smile. Is it a miracle cure? No. With any mental condition the best results come from within but I was greatly impressed with what Keith achieved and the tools he provided and i can see and feel the benefits as can others around me. The sessions were sometimes exhausting but I often left with a feeling of exhileration. I would whole heartedly recommend his service and this type of therapy.”

“Hi Keith, I just want to say a big thank you from the bottom of my heart giving me back my life from anxiety and fear. I am still feeling happy and alive. I hope this is not a dream which I don’t want to wake up from.”


“Again thank you for everything you have done for me. It’s a breath of fresh air to be back to my old self minus a few things. Thank you.”


“Hi Keith. Just wanted to give you a bit of an update. Since I saw you last I have had a great couple of weeks, I have felt a lot more comfortable sitting at work. I chat a lot more and to me that is quite a big thing. I can’t say I don’t blush anymore however my attitude towards it is completely different and I think this is going to help me overcome it. Thank you so much for your help”


“Iv had had the pleasure of seeing Kieth – he can help you in every area – worked for me I can’t thank him enough!!”


Good morning Keith,

I hope you are well.

I just saw a sponsored BWRT article and it reminded me of our sessions.

I just wanted to say a massive thank you and to this day my mindset is so much clearer.

There are “ups and down” but my overall approach is significantly altered.

Anyway, a massive thank you again and good luck in the the future.

Kind regards,”


“Keith is very good! I had one session with him and felt difference after that. Thanks Keith!”


“hi Keith omg I know it’s not even been 6 hours but you are amazing!!! I’ve just walked to asda took my son to the park and got my nails done all things I couldn’t do before I can’t thank you enough!!!”


“I would just like to say again thankyou so much for your help. 

I suffered with severe anxiety for years, I could barely leave the house without having a panic attack. I went and saw Keith, and ofcourse was very nervous. He made me feel really calm and talked through everything that was going to happen.

Immediately after one session I felt so positive about everything. I felt like a different person, and my friends and family can’t believe the change. I don’t even think about it now when I need to pop to the shops or meet up with friends. 

This has completely changed my life and would recommend Keith to anybody. 

Thankyou again.”


“I have suffered social anxiety since early childhood and it had had slowly worsened with age. Feeling at a loss, having exhausted all previous available options, BWRT was recommended by a family member.

My anxiety was interfering with my day-to-day functioning, and especially my studies. I only had a few sessions with Keith, but noticed an immediate difference when I tested myself in situations that would normally make me so anxious that I wouldn’t do them. I no longer get anxious when asking for directions, I answer questions more readily in lectures, and I was even able to engage in conversation with complete strangers in order to recruit them as volunteers in a study I was conducting.

I feel much more capable and confident as a result, and this has made a huge difference to my quality of life!”


“I just wanted you to know that EM is like a different young lady since undergoing BWRT. I will be honest, when I spoke to you and read up on the type of therapy you offered I thought it all sounded too good to be true, but I have seen such a positive response in EM that confirms that the methods used are truly amazing.

EM found the therapy sessions relaxed and she felt comfortable and completely at ease which is thanks to your professional approach. EM is happily going out more and is definitely more comfortable in all social situations, which all the family have noticed. EM states the former overwhelming feeling of anxiety have now reduced.

We would both happily recommend you and this form of therapy to anyone experiencing stress, anxiety and social phobias etc.

Thank you so much Keith”


“After undergoing some BWRT therapy for insomnia, I can now fall asleep relatively quickly and can sleep through, only waking when I need to pee (not the bed). 

This I put down to the much reduced anxiety which I once associated with bed and sleep.  The anxiety was probably worse than the insomnia and was sorted out in just three BWRT sessions.  I can honestly highly recommend Keith and this revolutionary treatment for anyone struggling with sleep and/or anxiety issues. 

Good stuff Keith.”

KP – insomina sufferer for 32 years

“Keith has helped me overcome anxieties which were preventing me being who I wanted to be, I found Keith very professional and friendly which made my journey with him so much more fun. 

With his support I now do not only have the clarity of who I am but I also feel I own my place in this world with a clear plan of where I am going”


“My Testimonial.

My fear of flying was, for me personally, not a problem, the wife went on holiday with the children on a plane and I travelled to France by car to do a spot of fishing. I guess not the ideal situation for a family holiday in the sun, something I was missing out on.

Over the years the anxiety became more and more and then I realised I must do something about my fear of flying. I love the sun and hot weather and sending my wife to Spain for her 50th birthday with our two daughters was a tough one for me. I was truly missing out, especially on a milestone like a 50th birthday, plus I love other cultures and with the need to see and taste other cultures flying needed to be involved. Fast forward a few years and there were 5 people discussing a trip to Spain just as a get away from it trip, needless to say I was asked, just the once but declined. Was I really going to miss out again, not this time.

I decided to get some help, but secretly, if all goes well I would meet them in Spain as a little surprise if I failed no one was none the wiser. I was very, very sceptical about anything that would work but I knew my anxiety was an irrational fear, so I was fairly pragmatic in my view and I would seek help with an open mind as much as I could.

After a few searches I came across the BWRT site and contacted Keith Tunstall. I made an appoint to see him and the ball was well and truly rolling. I did not have a clue what was involved or what happens at a session, I did not read too much up on it as I did not want to put to many stumbling blocks in front of myself so my open mind policy was in place.

Wow! Is all I can say, Cured if that is the correct phraseology. Within a few weeks I was travelling by plane to Spain, no fear, no anxiety just like a car journey you could say. I surprised my family and the others when I arrived and had a great holiday. Moreover I surprised myself at what I had achieved, to some people a little thing to me it was a huge thing, and a big strong man like me scared of flying, whatever next.

A massive thank you to Mr Keith Tunstall for nurturing me thru what seemed a big task but was in fact, eventually a stroll in the park. Hind sight is a wonderful thing.”


“I was in a bad way having severe stress with a work related issues. I was in tears most days, not sleeping at night n finding it hard to go into work. I went to see Keith, who with his calming manner helped me to deal with this stress. I found Keith to be very easy to talk to.  I didn’t feel anxious going to see him.

He talked me through each stage calmly and clearly.  Since my session I no longer have the anxiety I felt and can now deal with work with a clearer mind set, without getting upset.  I can highly recommend this type of therapy.  No hypnosis is involved and it’s incredible what a difference it has made to my life.”


“I felt very relaxed in my BWRT therapy session with Keith. He explained everything well on what was going to happen during the session and made sure I understood it all before we begun.

I came out of the session with a clear head and a positive feeling that I had managed to overcome my big fear of masks. As its coming up to Halloween, I went into Tesco’s the other day and there were scary masks on the shelves and it didn’t even bother me that they were there when I used to freak out every time I saw one and walk away quickly. I’m also not afraid of going out anymore knowing that I might see someone with a mask on.”


“Our 11 year old daughter suffered an embarrassing incident whilst in assembly at school.  She went from being a very outgoing and happy girl to scared and anxious.  We had a hard time getting her into school most days.

We booked her in to see Keith, who was fantastic with her, made her feel comfortable and at ease.  After one session and a few days back at school everything was better and we had our outgoing, happy daughter back.
We really couldn’t recommend Keith highly enough.  Thank you so much.”


“I would highly recommend BWRT as I suffered with anxiety about driving after a car hit my vehicle 3 years ago. I was so anxious that just the thought of driving would fill me with panic.

Keith has a calming manner and explained the process fully beforehand. I was amazed after just one treatment how it has worked!! I now have no feeling of anxiety or panic and I am now eager to get behind the wheel and reclaim my independence again!!

Once again many thanks Keith for your help. I will be recommending to everyone I know.”