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The Trader Mindset

Coaching Program

He was down 60% in open positions and no matter what, he couldn’t bring himself to close the trade. It was too late….

The above statement is from a real story that happened a few years ago. A trader had got himself into trouble with his own trades by not using a stop loss

He had added to the losing position, hoping that it would come back for him, but it didn’t.

By the time he confessed to what he’d done, he was down 60% and there’s not much that anyone can do to help someone in that situation.

You see, the above story is just one example of the many things traders do which will impact their performance.

That one was obvious but there are also lots of subtle things that traders don’t even realize they are doing that halts their ability to be the trader they want to become.

We are all aware of the usual culprits…

  • Fear of losing trades

  • Not following your rules

  • Not knowing your  boundaries (most people have no idea!)

  • Hesitating and missing trade opportunities as a result

  • Banking profits too soon

  • Overtrading

BWRT-The- Trader Mindset
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Keith Tunstall, BWRT Master Coach, being interviewed by Top Financial Trader, Charlie Burton, on the importance of mindset and BWRT®.

The Trader Mindset - BWRT helping with Stress & fear
  • Under trading

  • Revenge Trading

  • Entering trades too early for fear of missing out

  • Irrational trading – ‘Why on earth did I do that?’​

  • Desperation

  • Self sabotage

  • Feeling that you don’t deserve success

  • Reason and logic go out of the window after a series of losing trades

Understanding Why

The early part of our brain, called the Reptilian Complex or Reptile Brain, is responsible for our survival and works on instinct. It tries to repeat our life experiences (good or bad) as closely as possible because it knows they have led to our survival so far.  

If your Reptile Brain activates your flight/fight mode because of a previous experience, for example, a fear of missing out, your thinking-brain shuts down and logic, reason and emotion become impossible to process.

This in turn might cause you to ignore your trading rules and enter or exit a trade too early, which in turn can result in a losing trade, which can then create fear, anger, frustration which feeds the next trade and so on….

Watch how this trader made £135,000 in 12 months after BWRT®

The Trader Mindset -Overcoming fear and stress
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The Trader Mindset -BWRT Psychology of trading
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BWRT - Rewiring your brain

Fear, stress and anxiety responses in situations where they are simply not necessary will impede trading decisions and the ability to make money

BWRT® is a unique natural way of changing these response patterns to a desirable and preferred way of feeling without the need to think about it.

“The mind that opens to a new idea never returns to it’s original size”​  – Albert Einstein.

BWRT® is not like anything that has been done before and is not a re-hash of any existing techniques. BWRT® doesn’t use hypnosis or anything that might be considered to be mystical or unscientific – it is a science based, totally grounded methodology that deals with unhelpful response patterns and triggers before you are even aware of them.

Most other techniques work on the response after it has been generated, requiring you to tell the practitioner what you’re thinking about – but with BWRT® the problem is dealt with ‘at source’, before it even gets to the conscious mind. 

Client Testimonial
“At the beginning I had many questions about the style of therapy and whether it could improve my trading, but remained curious with an open mind. I am so pleased I maintained an open mind. Your therapy has done wonders for me personally and my trading of the financial markets. It is still difficult to believe the techniques used are so effective. The road blocks I had with my trading and other personal issues with my life have disappeared … 100%. By really knowing myself I now feel I can go about my work without restraint and with a new confidence. Thanks so much Keith.”

There is one common success factor that all traders need to develop – The Trader Mindset…

Sure, anyone can have a good run, but ultimately it fails because the trader has spent too much time chasing the Holy Grail and not developing themselves.

Yes back testing helps and yes, having a rules based strategy helps but there are countless traders that will still under-perform from where they should be despite doing these things.

Unless you develop the Trader Mindset, you will still make these subtle mistakes and yet we all know that it’s the mindset that’s the missing piece of the jigsaw for the majority of people.

For these reasons, I have teamed up with Charlie Burton, one of the Top Financial Traders in the UK today, to produce a truly unique Trader Mindset video course, which includes two personal one to one coaching sessions with me.

This 4 ½ hour course is designed to;

✔ Increase trader profitability by using specific methods for improving trade decisions

✔ Show why even using full automation won’t help you if you don’t have the mindset

✔ Give the problems and solutions to each type of trader mistake

✔ Demonstrates real examples of the mistakes people have made and how to recover and never go back there

✔ Shows that even traders with over 10 years experience can still not have this mindset

✔ Offers specific advice and actions to be taken

✔ Explain why ‘time’ is an ally you need on your side

Charlie has poured in 22 years of his trading experience into specific actionable advice that’s not shown in even the most popular trader psychology books.

This is advice from someone that lives and breathes trading, not an author of books!

So who is this for?

✔ Novices and experienced traders alike

✔ People who understand that technical skills are only part of the equation of trading success

✔ Traders who want to really understand why their brain affects their ability to trade

✔ People that want to be able to have a specific plan of dealing with their mindset

✔ Traders who are sick of making the same repeated mistakes over and over again


This course will give you all of  the experience from a genuine trader perspective and not what the theory books tell you.

It will be just like having your own private coach helping you on your decision making to do the things all traders want, like;

✔ Holding on to winning trades for longer

✔ Not panicking when a market retraces

✔ Not missing out through fear

✔ Not allowing yourself to be greedy

✔ To stop living in hope on each trade

✔ To deal with increased position size

✔ To avoid self sabotage


Plus so much more!

Client Testimonial
"Before my therapy with Keith I couldn't shake the habit of jumping into trades too soon and overtrading in general. What I hoped from Keith was to come away with some form of technique that would allow me to control these urges. However instead the therapy seems to have genuinely stopped these urges altogether, resolving the problem from the root cause. I was not expecting these results from just a few sessions. Not only did Keith help with this but some of the work we did has given me a greater understanding of the way my mind and personality works in general, allowing me to apply this positively in other areas of my life. I would not hesitate at all to recommend these sessions to anyone else."

I have recorded some specific audio files at the end of this course that explain to you why the brain works the way it does.

In particular the region in the brain, known as the Reptilian Complex and how it is possible to change negative reactions to positive responses for improving trading skills and of course in other areas of your life too.

I have also included some specific visualization exercises for you. PLUS, you will have TWO personal one to one coaching sessions with me, to be taken at your convenience.

As an added bonus I have persuaded Charlie to let me include his ‘Make me a Trader’ course worth £297 + VAT completely FREE of charge. PLUS a copy of his ‘Trading for a Living’ report.

So, what’s the deal…

This course is fully downloadable, so once you have ordered it the link is delivered within one working day.

This course is totally unique and priced at much less than the true value at just £497 + VAT and includes

✔ 4 1/2 hours of specific actionable advice from one of the UK’s top financial traders, Charlie Burton.

✔ Visualisation exercises for honing your focus.

✔ True understanding of how destructive patterns in the Reptilian Complex region in your brain can impede successful trading.

✔ Free ‘Make me a Trader’ course, worth £297 + VAT.

✔ Free ‘Trading for a Living’ report.

✔ Two personal 1 to 1 coaching sessions with me Keith Tunstall, BWRT® Master Coach.