Health Anxiety

What is health anxiety?

Health anxiety also known as hypochondriasis or hypochondria, often referred to as being a ‘hypochondriac’. The person with this anxiety will always be looking for symptoms and have an unwavering belief that they have a serious medical condition.

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Similar in someways to OCD, the sufferer will typically obsess about anything such as a spot, rash, stomach upset, muscle cramp…. they are likely to self diagnose and google, research and visit their GP repeatedly. Even when the results indicate that all is well, they still believe that they have something seriously wrong with them, fearing that something has been missed in the diagnosis.

Individuals with this debilitating condition may completely ignore illness and avoid any reminders that it may bring, often never even speaking about it, whereas others often need continual reassurance from family, doctors and friends and can be challenging for all concerned as with any obsession.

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So how can therapy help health anxiety?

BWRT® is a solution focused therapy uses a completely natural way to re-wire thought patterns in the brain and just as the health anxiety pattern was ‘learned‘ in the first place, the same method by which it was ‘learned’ can be used to change it to a new pattern and a different response, thus alleviating or greatly reducing the anxiety.   

Client Testimonials

“I contacted Keith as I’d been suffering with anxiety for over 10 years. Having had many different treatments such as counselling and hypnosis, none of which seemed to work, I was a little sceptical as to how BWRT would work.   

After my first session things had changed dramatically and my friends and family noticed how much calmer and relaxed I was. My anxiety about certain situations wasn’t there anymore. It’s almost as if my anxiety has been switched off! I’m so glad I came across this treatment and Keith is a pleasure to work with, welcoming, calming and very pleasant.Cannot recommend this treatment enough!”

Hi Keith,

Just wanted to send you an update, thank you again for your help I can truly say I am a changed person thanks to you and BWRT. I would never have believed there was something out there so simple with such a great impact.

Since my treatment I have recommended you to a number of people. I am starting a whole new chapter of my life now and am very excited about the future and all it brings, which is such a contrast from the scared person you first met with such low self esteem.I wish you all the best and thank you again, please feel free to use this on your website.”

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