Phobias - Extreme Irrational Fear to anything!

What is a phobia

An extreme irrational fear to anything! From a fear of buttons, Koumpounophobia, to a fear of blood, Haemophobia, there are many and varied phobias that cause people problems.

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How are phobias caused?

Phobias normally develop in childhood, teenage years or in young adults, as a result of a frightening, scary or stressful event or experience.

What is the difference between a Fear and a Phobia?

If you have a phobia, all the money in the world would not be enough to make you confront it!


How can BWRT® help phobias?

From a therapeutic point of view, it is the response that the phobia creates that is important.

When we learn something, the brain creates a new pathway (neural pathway) which allows us to repeat the new behaviour in future without conscious input. Take driving for example, when you learn to drive you have to consciously think about where your hands and feet go and what they have to do.  Once you have mastered the art, it is easy to drive to a destination without consciously being aware of how you did it.

When life experience creates a phobia, a new pathway (neural pathway) is formed in the brain. and the fear will automatically be re-created, without conscious thought, every time the phobia is triggered in future. 

Brain Working Recursive Therapy (BWRT) is a very effective and completely natural therapy which provides a rational answer to an irrational problem because it stops problematic neural pathways in the brain from creating the extreme fear in the first place, allowing a new response (neural pathway) to take the place of the old one. This ‘re-wiring’ technique allows the brain to respond in a completely different way thus eliminating the phobia. There are no exercises or follow up work for clients to do once therapy is complete because the work is done at the early part of the brain before it reaches a conscious level.

Client Testimonials

“Hi Keith ,
Just wanted to send you an update, thank you again for your help I can truly say I am a changed person thanks to you and BWRT. I would never have believed there was something out there so simple with such a great impact. Since my treatment I have recommended you to a number of people.

I am starting a whole new chapter of my life now and am very excited about the future and all it brings, which is such a contrast from the scared person you first met with such low self esteem.I wish you all the best and thank you again, please feel free to use this on your website.”,

“After struggling for years I was given Keith’s number, the day I called him was the best thing I had done.  Working with Keith I now have a much more happy contented life, the therapy has helped me get out more and enjoy life with my family again.

If you think you may need help I would recommend Keith, he is very easy to talk to and in a very comfortable surrounding.”

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