Warriors - Settlers - Nomads

Have you ever wondered what PERSONALITY 'TYPE" you are?

WSN-Counselling.  Are you a Warrior, Settler or Nomad?

Do you have a need to be in control? Does conflict make you acutely uncomfortable? Do you just want to have fun and excitement?

Each and everyone of us has a unique personality, but do we know who we really are and how to use the resources and instincts passed down to us from our forefathers?

What Can WSN help with?

Resolving Inner Conflict

WSN-Counselling helps to resolve inner conflict and brings enlightenment not just to who you are and what you can be but also gives an incredible insight and understanding of others. 

It allows you to develop a healthy self concept, enhance personal and business relationships and to fulfil your goals in an easier way, giving you the freedom to express your true personality.

It can help with: -