Intrusive Thoughts

We can’t choose how we feel anymore than we can choose our thoughts and this is quite normal but when we suffer with intrusive irrational thoughts, which can occur at any time without warning, it can be very disturbing and distressing. 

Client Testimonial

“Hi Keith,

It’s been a number of months since I had my appointments and to say my life has totally changed for the better is an understatement. I put this down to the sessions I attended every week and the work that you did with me.

I was concerned that after a few months I may slip into old bad habits again as I’ve done after other types of counselling/therapy over the years.

The sessions we did however were nothing like those and 100% more effective as I’ve not gone backwards, if anything I’ve gotten stronger and better in the months since we last worked together.

I can’t recommend your work highly enough.


Intrusive thoughts get stuck, they can be repetitive with the same type of thoughts re-occurring frequently and they come in all sorts of guises, from violent self harm, hurting others, unwanted sexual thoughts, sexual identity, doing something extremely embarrassing in public, death and so on.

Although we cannot choose our thoughts and feelings, we can change our reaction to them.  BWRT is very effective at discharging the emotive response of the intrusive ‘stuck’ thoughts, thus allowing them to dissipate naturally.

Client Testimonial

“Hi Keith,

I would just like to thank you for your help and understanding during my recent visits to you. Although you are certainly professional, I found you so approachable and even on my initial visit knew I would benefit from seeing you, and I certainly have. I feel calmer, more in control and overall more at peace.

Thank you so much.

I hope not to see you again!! but your number is certainly locked in my phone.”

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