Social Anxiety

Social Anxiety Disorder

Social anxiety disorder is the third largest mental health care problem in the world today exceeded only by alcoholism and depression. It is one of the least understood anxieties.

The good news is that help is available with BWRT, a relatively new therapy, but totally unique, because it uses the latest thinking on neuroscience techniques to retrain the brain, restore ‘normal behaviour’ and stop anxiety in social situations.

Social anxiety - BWRT Therapy can help
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BWRT® provides an entirely natural way to help rewire your thoughts and emotional reactions.

The even better news is that with BWRT® there is no need for any ongoing coping strategies!

… and more even better news is that BWRT® provides a permanent fix!

Most sufferers believe that their symptoms are unique and do not recognise just how widespread the problem is. Individuals will often make major changes to their lifestyle in order to adapt to their illness.

The fear of social situations can trigger feelings of being self conscious, the perception of being judged, scrutinised and the dread of being criticised. The intense feelings of fear can lead to physical symptoms such as extreme blushing, trembling and sweating. Nausea, palpitations, stammering and panic attacks are also common.

This is a very debilitating disorder which can affect all areas of life including the ability to work, socialise, even stepping outside the front door can be prohibitive!

Professor Mark Baker, Director of the Centre for Clinical Practice at NICE, said: “Social anxiety disorder isn’t about being shy at parties or feeling anxious about a job interview, it’s about experiencing a level of anxiety that can disrupt normal life, interfering with social relationships and affecting performance at work or school. In these cases, it is really important that the individual is able to get the right help.”


Client Testimonials

“I have suffered social anxiety since early childhood and it had had slowly worsened with age. Feeling at a loss, having exhausted all previous available options, BWRT was recommended by a family member.

“My anxiety was interfering with my day-to-day functioning, and especially my studies. I only had a few sessions with Keith, but noticed an immediate difference when I tested myself in situations that would normally make me so anxious that I wouldn’t do them. I no longer get anxious when asking for directions, I answer questions more readily in lectures, and I was even able to engage in conversation with complete strangers in order to recruit them as volunteers in a study I was conducting.

I feel much more capable and confident as a result, and this has made a huge difference to my quality of life!”

“I just wanted you to know that EM is like a different young lady since undergoing BWRT. I will be honest, when I spoke to you and read up on the type of therapy you offered I thought it all sounded too good to be true, but I have seen such a positive response in EM that confirms that the methods used are truly amazing.

EM found the therapy sessions relaxed and she felt comfortable and completely at ease which is thanks to your professional approach. EM is happily going out more and is definitely more comfortable in all social situations, which all the family have noticed. EM states the former overwhelming feeling of anxiety have now reduced.

We would both happily recommend you and this form of therapy to anyone experiencing stress, anxiety and social phobias etc.

Thank you so much Keith”

GET HELP TODAY – BWRT® is a Powerful, Fast and Permanent Solution Focused Therapy providing effective help for social anxiety and is available online by Skype/FaceTime as well as in person, so if you don’t feel like leaving your home you can still get the help that you need.

Click here to read more about BWRT® and watch the videos from the creator of this amazing therapy.

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