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Professional 1-2-1 Trader Mindset Coaching

with Keith Tunstall

As little or as much help as you need and tailor made to your specific circumstances. An initial consultation is provided free to explore your requirements, explain what is available and to answer your questions.

Please feel free to email me so we can arrange to have a chat about how you can maximise your trading potential.

What's In It For You?

  • I’ll help you overcome the fear of losing so that you can profit consistently.
  • I’ll help you remove limiting behaviours so that you can show your true trading ability.
  • I’ll help you to trade confidently and with resilience so that you can relax more.

Client Feedback

Client Feedback

“Before my therapy with Keith I couldn’t shake the habit of jumping into trades too soon and overtrading in general.

What I hoped from Keith was to come away with some form of technique that would allow me to control these urges. However instead the therapy seems to have genuinely stopped these urges altogether, resolving the problem from the root cause. I was not expecting these results from just a few sessions.

Not only did Keith help with this but some of the work we did has given me a greater understanding of the way my mind and personality works in general, allowing me to apply this positively in other areas of my life.

I would not hesitate at all to recommend these sessions to anyone else.”

  • I”ll help you to stop overtrading so that you can spend more time enjoying life.
  • I’ll help you to stop self sabotaging so that you gain the rewards you deserve.
  • I”ll help you to stop the fear of missing out so that you can enjoy your idyllic lifestyle.

Client Feedback

“The best happens when you least expect it. This is how I felt post taking the trader’s mindset course and then having the chance to talk live and learn about myself from a great and intelligent mind, Keith Tunstall.

Keith who is a BWRT, is highly experienced with the massive varieties and strong waves of emotions that many traders feel and get stuck in. At some point I felt that he knows me more than I have known myself. I had couple of sessions with him that helped me improve my full-time trading career.

The sessions were very logical, straight to the point and not time consuming by any means, yet massively effective and solutions last and never melt down or dissolve. These short sessions generate enormous effects and reliefs.

I would recommend this course and these sessions to any trader who want to see through himself and learn the do and don’t based on his personality. This will lift the trading level to a different level that is more confident and relaxed.”

Please feel free to email me so we can arrange to have a chat about how you can maximise your trading potential.