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Professional 1-2-1 Trader Mindset Coaching

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As little or as much help as you need and tailor made to your specific circumstances. An initial consultation is provided free to explore your requirements, explain what is available and answer any questions you may have.

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The Trader Mindset
Free eBook

For all Traders who need clear logical guidance together with specific techniques to help improve their mindset!

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  • Professional Hypnotherapy CD/Download
  • Stay Focussed in the frenetic world of trading!
  • Ride the waves of the market with emotional ease!
  • Start each trading day with a fresh and positive perspective!

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The Trader Mindset – Charlie’s new course

He was down 60% in open positions and no matter what I said, he couldn’t bring himself to close the trade. It was too late….

The above statement is from a real story that happened a few years ago in our trading room. A new member had got himself into trouble with his own trades by not using a stop loss.

He had added to the losing position, hoping that it would come back for him, but it didn’t.

By the time he confessed to what he’d done, he was down 60% and there’s not much that I, or anyone can do to help someone that’s got into that situation.

However, I can help stop that situation ever happening to you…

Welcome to the World of AI Trading Software!

What if you had a Powerful Cyber Trading Bot who:

  • alerted you every time your strategy became an opportunity to trade
  • sent those trade signals to your phone automatically
  • allowed you to take the trade on your account at the click of a button
  • cut your trading research & back testing time into a fraction of what it was
  • was designed to dove-tail your trading thoughts & ideas exactly
  • was also GREAT at math
  • collated your personal Trading Journal for you
  • never slept
  • never took a holiday
  • listened to everything you told them, and acted on that
  • was VERY low maintenance AND………
  • still allowed you to be 100% in control of your trades….??


Make Me A Trader

If you are new to trading or have been trading only a few months then this is for you. The course assumes you know nothing and is predominately focused on trading the forex markets although the principles can be applied to other markets.

Divergent Swing Trading

You only need a basic understanding of technical analysis and to be able to place trades.

Divergent Swing Trading shows you a specific strategy with all entry and exit rules so you can take it away and start trading immediately. Whether you trade off 4 hour charts or weekly charts, this strategy can be utilised on whatever timeframe you prefer. Risk to reward ratio is always strong and Charlie finds traders with this technique therefore worry less about win rate as a result.