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Post Traumatic Stress Disorder - PTSD

PTSD is a psychological disorder which can develop following a traumatic event such as rape, sexual abuse, military combat, domestic violence, an act of terrorism, road traffic accident.

Symptoms can often include constantly reliving the event, flashbacks, nightmares, negative and racing thoughts, panic attacks, hypervigilance - a constant life threatening feeling, often accompanied by sweating and increased heart rate.

You are not alone


About 450 million people worldwide will develop PTSD at some point during their lives!

Why getting help is so important


Apart from the obvious benefit of feeling better once resolved, if it is left untreated PTSD can lead to other problems such as depression, anxiety, panic attacks, insomnia, eating disorders, alcohol and drug abuse.

Why does it continue to cause so much distress?


When you encounter a traumatic situation, your brain takes an ‘emotional snapshot’ of that moment and stores it in it’s data bank for future reference, so that when you encounter  a sound, a sight, a smell, a taste or a feeling that resembles or partially resembles the event, it can trigger those feelings that you felt at the time and will continue to do so until either therapy or life experience changes it. 

Client Testimonial:


"I suffered with ptsd since leaving the army in 2011 and things had been really bad for me tried taking my own life, I self medicated, self harmed and just struggled with everyday life I tried getting help but I just found myself feeling I was alone and just excepted things would never change. My girlfriend done as much as she could to find me help and two weeks ago this treatment made me a new person and completely changed my life. Please do your own research on it but please if you want change for the better then this is your guy/treatment."  

How can BWRT® help?


It takes approximately 1/3 of a second for a thought/trigger to reach conscious awareness and by the time we are aware of it the process for action has already happened, which is why it is so difficult for us to resolve psychological issues ourselves.

BWRT® works by reducing/removing the emotion from the memory of the traumatic event so that it becomes ‘just another memory’ and therefore future triggers no longer evoke the traumatic feelings. It does this by targeting response patterns in the early part of the brain before they can reach consciousness.


  • Easy to understand - logical process

  • Fast - cost effective

  • Permanent

  • No ongoing coping strategies necessary

  • Completely confidential - No need to share your secrets with the therapist

  • Therapy is available in person and online by Skype/FaceTime

  • Free initial consultation

Client Testimonial:

"I would just like to say again thankyou so much for your help. 


I suffered with severe anxiety for years, I could barely leave the house without having a panic attack. I went and saw Keith, and ofcourse was very nervous. He made me feel really calm and talked through everything that was going to happen.


Immediately after one session I felt so positive about everything. I felt like a different person, and my friends and family can't believe the change. I don't even think about it now when I need to pop to the shops or meet up with friends. 


This has completely changed my life and would recommend Keith to anybody. 


Thankyou again."

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